Untwisting Scripture

As is true in the physical body, so it is true in the Church. What you eat affects your health. Much of what is sick in the Body today, is because of our diet. Aside from all the "junk food" we eat (like TV, the Movies, novels, etc), there is what we are fed in church.

Over and over in the Scriptures we are told to beware of false teachers, and those who twist scriptures. So we, like the believers in Berea, will search the scriptures to see if these things are so.

Here is a collection of articles bringing some of the things commonly believed in the Church today into the light of the Bible.

"I Call it Heresy" by Kim Josephson
"Untwisting Freedom" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)(html)
"Untwisting Repentance or Victory over Sin" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)(html)

"Untwisting Guilt or Feeling Guilty?" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)
"Untwisting Unconditional Love" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)
"Untwisting Scripture: No Condemnation" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)
"Untwisting Judgement" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)



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