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Some of the resources below are available on line and so we have linked you to them, others are still only in print, and in some cases we have linked to sites where they can be acquired.

Alleine, Joseph, A Sure Guide to Heaven, Banner of Truth
Bounds, E.M., Power Through Prayer, World Wide Publications
Carmichael, Amy, If, Christian Literature Crusade
Comfort, Ray, Hellís Best Kept Secret, Whitaker House
Dallimore, Arnold, George Whitefield, Banner of Truth
Grubb, Norman, C.T. Studd Pioneer, Cricketeer, Christian Literature Crusade
Grubb, Norman, Rees Howells, Intercessor, Christian Literature Crusade
Pink, A.W., Studies on Saving Faith, Providence Baptist Ministries

Pratney, Winkie, Revival, Huntington House Publishers
Ravenhill, Leonard, Sodom had no Bible, Bethany House Publishers
Ravenhill, Leonard, Why Revival Tarries, Bethany House Publishers
Tozer, A.W., The Pursuit of God, Christian Publications Inc.
Wilkerson, David, Americaís Last Call, Wilkerson Trust Publication