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Rescue the Perishing

Are they really dying?

Do you want to see what God sees?
Do you want to feel what He really feels?
Are the lost worth as much to you
as they were to God when He sent
His only Son to save them?


"Who Cares" by William Booth
"Believing Enough?" by Kim Josephson (PDF*)
"Perverting Grace" by Kim Josephson (PDF*)
"The Heart of Jesus" by Kim Josephson
"Save Thyself" by Catherine Booth
"Dear Pastor" by Liz McGrail
"What is Repentance" by Catherine Booth
"Talking About Jesus" by Sherri Josephson
"Gotta Tell Somebody" by Sherri Josephson
"To The Woodshed" by Kim Josephson (PDF*)

"What's Wrong with the Gospel? Section 1: The Missing Parts." by Keith Green
"What's Wrong with the Gospel? Section 2: The Added Parts." by Keith Green
"Bloody Hands" by Ben Nelson
"Rescue Station At the Gates of Hell" quotes from CT Studd, collect by Norman Grubb.
"Forward Ever, Backward Never" Short article about CT Studd by Stephen Ross
"Your Going Too Fast" by General William Booth
"Losing the Way" by Kim Josephson (PDF*)
"Untwisting Judgement" by Ben Nelson (PDF*)
"Soldiers for the Lord" by Kelli Bowden (PDF*)
"What Think Ye of Christ?" by Kim Josephson (PDF*)
"What Will We Say" by Kim Josephson
"One Way Jesus" by Kim Josephson

*In order to open PDF files you will need Acrobat reader which you can get for free at www.Adobe.com.