Gotta Tell Somebody

by Sherri Josephson

EVANGELISM That word looks alot scarier than it really is. Most of you have probably heard some on evangelism -usually that pertains to crusades overseas, missions or just someone else but not us. Well, I'd like to share with you some experiences I have had with evangelism that might help.

Several years ago I was asked to be a substitute graphics artist for a girl that was working at Boeing International in Washington. They gave me one day to train with her and then she was to be on a two week vacation. As I remember I said a few things about God, but I didn't really do any hard core preaching, just joyously including God in our conversa­tion. Well, she didn't really seem to care or notice. About 6 months later I had moved to another state and I got a letter in the mail - it was from the girl in Washington - telling me how she had gotten saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. She was thanking me for what I had said to her! I don't know what I said but it wasn't something I had prepared -it just was some little something that God watered after the planting. Praise the Lord!

Here's another experience I had in Texas. I was on my lunch break when a young man and I started talking about life and the goodness of God. He started crying and said his wife had left him and was getting a divorce. He felt he had no hope! I in turn, explained to him that if he made Jesus Lord of his life - God could work miracles on his behalf. Well, we went back to work (at that time I was a draftsman) and in about 30 minutes he was standing at my board and said he wanted to pray now. We went to the parking lot and prayed. This man meant business with God! He then began reading his Bible, praying and going to church. Praise God within a couple of months his wife was home and they were both going to church and living for God!

There was another time when I was working as a draftsman that I started talking to a girl that didn't even think there was a God. As time went on, I talked to her about my own personal experience and how God was real. In about 4 months she accepted Jesus as Lord and we started having Bible study at lunch. She would write down ques­tions she had during the day and we would talk about them during lunch. Well, now she's happily married to a fine Christian man and the mother of a beautiful daughter. They are working in a church and telling the Good News that Jesus is alive in the 20th century.

Recently I went to lunch with a girl I was working with. First I prayed over my lunch and as the conversation went on I explained to her how God had sent us to New Jersey. She couldn't believe that God could talk to anyone. She questioned me on the matter and I just delivered a simple gospel message. A couple of weeks past and we were still talking about "how do you hear God?" and "what does he sound like?" Well, one day I brought her home and show­ed her in the Bible how God cares for his own. That all you do to be saved is let Jesus be Lord of your life and forgive you of your sin. I also showed her the consequences for rejecting the gospel -that after death we will live for eternity either in heaven or hell! I asked her to go to church with me and she did. That Sunday when the pastor gave the altar call, her hand went straight up and she got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost that morning! Praise God! She is still go­ing hot for God!

This is what Jesus meant by going in­to all the world and preaching the gospel. All God needs is someone who is not ashamed of the Gospel and will tell of his experiences with God. You don't even need to be a Bible scholar just open your mouth for Christ Jesus and then watch God work. Jesus said "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." (Jn. 12:32) So lift up the name of Jesus by telling of your personal experiences like making Jesus the Lord of your life, laying hands on the sick, casting out devils and speaking in new tongues. Don't be ashamed of Jesus and he will do just what he promised - signs will follow you (Mk 16:17-18). Jesus lives in you to show the world that God is alive and has not changed! Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8) So let God be God in you and flow through you on the job and wherever you are. There is someone just waiting to hear. Some will plant, some water but God will give the in­crease (ICor 3:6).


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