Amazing Grace

So I'm back in New York City, trying to get in shape for the singing I have to do in the upcoming season. I got myself ready for a jog through Central Park stretching every muscle I could think of. Then I walked briskly to the park. But this was a special day. The air was crisp. It was partly sunny and I was trying to take everything in - trying to really be connected to what I was doing - when I was doing it.

As I came up on the park, I heard the sound of bagpipes. So instead of just taking off, I went toward the sound of the pipes. There was this guy practicing his music in the middle of the park. So I sat on this huge granite boulder and listened to him play. Just below the piper was a little three-year old boy and his daddy. It was beautiful to watch the little guy's fascination with the pipes. He would dance and smile and look up to his daddy and back at the piper in absolute delight. They were sharing something special. I enjoyed it for a while but then decided I needed to start my jog.

I got up to jog up the hill and just then, the piper began to play Amazing Grace. I slowed to a stop, turned around and walked back toward the music. The sunlight broke through the clouds and the trees and I was bathed in the light. It brought tears to my eyes as I began to sing along quietly with the music.

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

It was amazing grace that didn't let me slip through the cracks. Somehow the love of God just wouldn't let me go. By the grace of God, Jesus brought me back to Himself. Always urging me, always calling me - always pursuing me. Not because of any goodness in me but just because He loves me. Oh the great mercy and grace of God! He could have turned away and given me over to my own lusts but He did not. He kept on after me.

It was grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved. How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed.

Somehow God's grace works a miracle in your heart. That He would choose to give you a heart that doesn't want to betray Him - a heart that doesn't want to offend His holiness or His honor - a heart that longs to know Him and wants to love Him not just with words but obedience. Oh what a miracle. That in spite of all my failures, all my sins, he would give me a heart that could hear His voice, and be tender to Him. Oh thank you God!

By now the music was over and I just wept before God and thanked Him for speaking to me through that old hymn. Can you imagine? The cars, the runners, the strollers, the people, this city, and God speaking to my heart in the middle of it all.

I don't know what's going on in your life, but He does and He'll touch you right where you are too. Call upon Him and surrender everything to Him. His grace is what has caused you to read this article. He is unwilling that you should slip through the cracks. Maybe you’re reading this and you're not right with God. Jesus wants to forgive your sin. In spite of all you've done, Jesus loves you and He'll forgive you - nothing you've ever done has surprised God and still, He loves you. Right now confess your sins and repent of them and decide to follow Jesus. He will give you a new heart if you only get real with Him. He'll give you the grace to believe and the grace to receive. Let Him in your heart today.

With all my love,

Bro. Kim



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